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Wildlife is a part of the eco system that mandates for extensive care and preservation. With National Parks and Sanctuaries meant to do the task, extinction of wild animals is getting under control. In fact, these parks are an important part of tourism because many people visit the wildlife sanctuaries in search of the predators walking freely. Holidaying at the wildlife sanctuaries of South India is enjoyable because sighting tiger in the month of March is easy. As known, March marks arrival of summer that assures viewing of animals around water bodies. This is the reason there is a high chance of sighting the Tiger. Below mentioned are the Wildlife sanctuaries situated in the Southern Part of India that offer an exotic view of the Flora and Fauna.

1. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary:

Situated in Thekkady region of Kerala. This is an ideal demonstration of best biodiversity of flora and fauna. The Periyar Wildlife sanctuary has a charming atmosphere that entices thousands of visitors every year. Sighting a tiger in the month of March is the favorite endeavor of the animal enthusiasts. Along with this, the national park also houses wild cats, Nilgiri Tahr goat, Langur and many other reptiles as well as birds. Not to forget that variety of fishes in the Periyar Lake also adds to the beauty of the place.

2. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary:

Well-known for its extensive population of tigers and leopards, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is stretched in an area of 345 square kilometres. It is considered as a part of Kannur district in the North and Kozhikode towards the South. Recognized in 1973, this sanctuary is admired for its picturesque natural environs and a diversity of animals roaming amenably in the forest premises. Also, the Forest experts tend to take decent care of them. The animal lovers willing to discover tigers in March and their hide outs in Wayanad can definitely go on a trekking with permission from the authorities. The tourists can take pleasure in boating at the lake positioned within the forest premises. Well, the tourists approaching to visit the national park can choose to unwind at a budget hotel near Periyar Tiger Reserve for a contented vacation.

3. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary:

Dwelling of the fierce tigers as well as sweetest animals, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary is the one that serves interest of tiger sighting for tourists from world over. Considered as the pleasure for such travelers, this reserve is positioned around 50km northeast to Thiruvananthapuram city over Ponmudi peak road. Certainly, the gate of the sanctuary unveils an area of 53 sq. km over the Western Ghats. Popularized in the year 1938, the place is thought as enthralling because of dam site, glistening clear stream, dense forest area and rock-strewn landscapes.

4. Bandipur National Park:

Christened as the Tiger Reserve in 1974, the Bandipur National Park was initially a private hunting place of the Maharaja of Mysore. It is located in Karnataka and has more than 75 tigers that enable the tourists to enjoy sighting tiger in the month of March quite easily. As a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the national park houses some of the most endangered species. In fact, it also has the largest amount of wild elephants in South Asia. Being the month of summer, wild animals can be exclusively sited around the water bodies. Ideally, the national highway to Ooty crosses through the national park and spotting wild animals is quite possible.

5. Nagarhole National Park:

A stopover at Nagarhole National Park tends to augment the chance of sighting tiger and becomes an adventure holiday for the wildlife lovers. On reaching the National Park, one can select from an elephant safari or jeep safari by choice and get set to discover other wild animals in the Sanctuary as well. It will make the tourists feel ecstatic, who want to take pictures of their favored predator from a close point wandering around freely. The Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, positioned at a distance of 96 far from Mysore city, is a part of the Mudumalai Sanctuary. This exotic wildlife park got its name from the two Kannada words -“Naga” meaning snake and “Hole” means streams.

As known, the sighting of a tiger is the most favoured deed, while on a wildlife safari. With numerous travel agencies organizing tours from the departure destination to the arrival one, there is a need to check out a variety of them offering distinctive rates. Depending on the requirement, one can select the travel agency, whose experts will arrange the traveling as well as safari tickets. Not to forget that they also provide lodging facility because of their tie-up with numerous budget hotels. As there are numerous travel agencies having online booking facility too, the aspirant travelers should compare their rates first and get the best deal possible. After all, saving on the traveling costs will enable the tourists to enjoy more with the money that can be spent on buying souvenirs.

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