Hotel Ettiquette

Hotels Accommodations

So you’re planning on staying in a hotel. That’s great. You’re away from home, in a different city, it’s fun to get away, but it’s also somewhere to remember your manners and common sense. Yes, you are paying for the room and it is yours for the night, but still, proper ettiquette still applies.

The experts say that once you get into your room, the first thing you should do is check for bedbugs. Hopefully you don’t find any, but if you do, that’s your cue to get out of there as soon as possible. Notify the front desk so they can do something about it.

Once you’re sure you’re bedbug free, make sure the WiFi and heating/cooling system is working like it should. Connect, breathe, check out the heat. If all is well, you’re on your way to a comfortable stay, but just to make sure you aren’t going to get sick from germs the last guest left, wipe all surfaces, knobs, buttons and the remote to the TV with antibacterial wipes. It’s just good sense and it will protect you while giving you peace of mind that all is as clean as it should be.

Another major ‘do’ when staying in a hotel is to take note of your nearest exit. This information can be found on the door to the room and will be necessary should an emergency occur during your stay.

And now for the don’ts. The number one rule of staying in a hotel is never to leave your luggage unattended in the lobby, and never to leave expensive items out in plain view in your room. It’s not your house, people can go into your room at any time, keep those valuables where you know they’re safe. In the safe, or on your person at all times.

Don’t take food from the minibar unless you want to be charged an exorbinant amount of money for it! Leave it alone or face the charges. Also, never give your room number out to strangers, don’t open the door to anyone unless you are expecting them and don’t allow ‘staff’ who have no identification into your room. It’s just common sense.

The real staff at a hotel would really like if it you refrained from stealing linens, towels and other items from the room. They also appreciate you not smoking in a non-smoking room. Play by the rules and it’s fun for all.

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